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Grain Berry

Grain Berry® Food Additives

How is Grain Berry® Different? The great news about Grain Berry is important. It contains a remarkable natural bran - grown in the USA, expressly for these foods - rich in natural antioxidants and dietary fiber. So remarkable, this bran contains more antioxidants - ounce for ounce - than blueberries, pomegranate juice, red wine and other foods and grains.

How does it Taste? The Silver Palate® is known for delicious cuisine and great taste and if you don't love the taste of our Grain Berry food additives, we'll give you your money back - guaranteed.

Grain Berry® Onyx Super Antioxidant Smoothie Booster [sil-17000n.jpg]

Grain Berry® Onyx Super Antioxidant Smoothie Booster

• 8 oz. bag

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• 6-Pack (6 x 8 oz. bag)
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The Grain Berry®

The Grain Berry® "Living Longer" Sampler

• 10 item variety pack
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