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Grain Berry® Onyx Super Antioxidant Smoothie Booster

The Grain Berry® Onyx Super Antioxidant Smoothie Booster is The perfect booster to make delicious smoothies with your favorite fruits, vegetables and juices. Use together with protein powder for powerhouse nutrition. It adds potent antioxidants and sugar control to smoothies and everyday foods. Mix in yogurt, hot & cold cereals, baked goods; just about any food.

Grain Berry Onyx contains a unique network of plant based antioxidants, including hi-tannins and rare 3-deoxy-anthocyanins. This combination, found nowhere else, helps fight free radical threats to your cells such as ultra-violet light, engine exhaust, and ordinary digestion and metabolism. The damage caused by free radicals can trigger obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancers.