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The Silver Palate Cookbook - 25th Anniversary Edition

We are excited to introduce our Silver Anniversary Edition, with a feast of 100 full-color photographs throughout and a vibrant new cover. This edition is the perfect gift to replace the millions of bedraggled copies in kitchens across America, and will introduce its timeless pleasures to a new generation of cooks.

Yes, Chicken Marbella in full color! Join the party!

  • 'A classic.' - Irene Sax.
  • 'Bravo!' - Florence Fabricant.
  • 'Delightfully bright and charming.' - The New York Times.
  • 'This is the book that changed the way America cooks.' - Barbara Kafka.
  • 'The classic standard.' - Danny Meyer.
  • 'To my generation what Joy of Cooking was to my mother's.' - Tom Valenti.
  • 'Smashing.' - Michel Richard.
  • 'Enormous.' - Marion Cunningham.
  • 'Ahead of its time.' - Todd English.
  • 'Bravo Sheila and Julee!' - Daniel Boulud.
  • 'Wholly satisfying.' - Mimi Sheraton.
  • 'Revolutionary!' - Steven Raichlen.
  • 'Charming to look at, cozy to cook with.' - Gael Greene.
  • 'Long live The Silver Palate Cookbook.' - Giuliano Bugialli.