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Grain Berry® Cinnamon Frosted Shredded Wheat ONYX Sorghum

16 oz. box
6-Pack (6 x 16 oz. box)
$9.16 per box - save $5.00!

Delicious and full of antioxidants! Our new Grain Berry® Cinnamon Shredded Wheat are sure to be a family breakfast favorite, for their award-winning taste and their health benefits.

  • 30-70% lower in sugar content than major natural national brands
  • The only cereal to feature the highest levels of antioxidants from natural plant based ingredients.
  • Exclusive Onyx Sorghum Grain, slows sugar absorption, prevents sugar crashing, more natural fiber
  • Supports slower digestion process to fight obesity, diabetes, and other health issues.
  • Kind to Environment: Requires less water than other grains